Expressionistic Chicago

In a mere 3 hour drive I went from a decent sized city with a semi-lackluster art scene, to a thriving art community that thrives on diversity, creativity, and expressionism.  Even with the bumper-to-bumper traffic and the GPS “losing our signal”, I felt a great sense of anticipation of the events that would come after this moment of chaos.

After checking into our historic hotel, my sister and I embarked on a quest for a taste of Chicago.  We ended up a Chicago-style pizzeria, Pizano’s, which we were told was “one of the best” and was a relaxing, laid back, type of place.  I wasn’t in love with the atmosphere, but the taste of the pizza made up for overwhelming abundance of sports memorabilia and the amount of televisions showing ESPN.  We ordered the “Mark’s Special” thin crust pizza, which consisted of roma tomatoes, basil, and garlic.  Two words: de-lish!

Pizano's "Mark's Special" Thin Crust Pizza

We also stopped at Millennium Park, where we were musically welcomed by the Latin Music Festival.  We stopped by to check out the large liquid mercury sculpture known as Cloud Gate (or, unofficially “The Bean”).  As oddly gorgeous as it was, I was somewhat disgusted by the zillions of finger smudges all over its surface and wondered if this sculpture ever gets cleaned.  But, if I set my mild case of germaphobia aside, it was truly a gorgeous big metallic bean.

Reflections & Shadows -- a picture of us taking pictures of us looking at "The Bean"

“The Bean” — Millennium Park

Day 2 was set aside for an all-day adventure to the Art Institute.  I was not prepared for the gargantuan size of this place!  I knew it’d be big, but this place had the motherload of art collections!  (I’m sure there are even larger places in the world, but this is the biggest I’ve seen)  We first checked out the photography section, and then headed to the very popular Impressionism collection.  It was quite mind-boggling to me that I was looking at actual paintings that Monet and Renoir had touched with their own hands.  After a quick bite to eat, we headed to the Contemporary Art section.  This area was not as popular as the others, which was nice in a sense because I didn’t feel pressured to keep moving by large crowds.  I absolutely felt inspired by the contemporary art displayed in this section.  It made me feel as if what I do actually is art, and that I should continue with what I love and not worry about what other people may think.  I loved the Jackson Pollock collection and would love to see more, someday.

And so ended our short short short trip to the windy (and rainy that day) city.

I can take that tall skinny shadow's ass down any day!


2 Responses to “Expressionistic Chicago”

  1. ” I was somewhat disgusted by the zillions of finger smudges all over its surface and wondered if this sculpture ever gets cleaned.”

    haha I forgot about that….

    “It made me feel as if what I do actually is art”

    It is…

    I love this post!

    – the skinny ass

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